EDEG 2019 Preliminary programme outline

Conference room (Salle des Fêtes)
Mondorf Domaine Thermal Hotel, Mondorf-Les-Bains


1st day - Saturday 11 May 2019

13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 14.20

Welcome Address
Jean-Claude Schmit, General Director of Health, Luxembourg
Matthias Schulze, Chair EDEG Steering Committee, Germany
Carine de Beaufort, Chair of the conference, Luxembourg

14.20 - 15.05

Plenary Session I - Great divides in the direction of the diabetes epidemic
Speaker: Edward Gregg, CDC, Atlanta, US
Chairs: Matthias Schulze & Laetitia Huiart

15.05 - 15.55

Oral Presentations I - Gestational diabetes and risks during infancy
Chairs: Jill Norris & Giuseppina Imperatore

OP1 Rasmus Wibaek
Fat- and fat-free mass growth in infancy in relation to cardiometabolic risk profile and body composition at 5 years of age – the IABC study

OP2 Mark Marton Svebis
Does pregnancy BMI predict gdm in subsequent pregnancy? - Population-based cohort study

OP3 Dana Dabelea
Persistent effects of in utero exposure to maternal diabetes on offspring adiposity throughout adolescence: the epoch study

15.55 - 16.20

Healthy Coffee Break

16.20 - 17.15

Oral Presentations II - "Machine learning: identification of diabetes risks and complications"
Chairs: Dorte Vistisen & Bendix Carstensen

OP4 Lars Jorge Díaz
Deep learning for classification of types of retinal fundus images

OP5 Adrian Ahne
Identification of diabetes-related distress patterns based on socialmedia data using artificial intelligence methods: the world diabetes distress study

OP6 Bobbie-Jo M. Webb-Robertson
Multi-omics biomarker panels for the prediction of autoantibody positivity through machine learning

17.15 - 18.00

EDEG Business Meeting/General Assembly

18.00 - 20.00

Poster session I - Type 1 diabetes and complications & Welcome Dinner Reception During Poster Exhibition
Chair: Dana Dabelea

PP1 Luke W. Johnston
A data-driven approach at characterizing heterogeneity in neuropathy assessments

PP2 Laura L. Määttä
Neuropathic symptoms preceding clinically confirmed diabetic polyneuropathy

PP3 Andrea Ochs
Optimising diabetic retinopathy screening schedules’ workload and sojourn time using risk prediction

PP4 Adam G. Tabák
The effect of diabetic sensory peripheral neuropathy on mortality - a meta-analysis

PP5 Chris J. Kapelios
Left ventricular systolic dysfunction in asymptomatic patients with diabetes mellitus type 1

PP6 Edlira Skrami
Glucose sensor utilization is associated with a reduction of dka requiring hospital admission in children and adolescents with known type 1 diabetes

PP7 Rosaria Gesuita
Socio-demographic and clinical correlates of fear of hypoglicemia among parents of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes: results from a nationwide italian survey

PP8 Carine de Beaufort
Characteristics of type 2 diabetes in youth: data from the DPV registry


2nd day - Sunday 12 May 2019

07.30 - 08.00

Mindfulness Walk
Clear your mind during this relaxing stroll through the Mondorf park

09.00 - 09.45

Plenary Session II - Assessment of insulin sensitivity and related traits in population-based studies
Speaker: Robert Semple, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Chairs: Dana Dabelea & Daniel Witte

09.45 - 09.50

Exercise Break

09.50 - 11.20

Oral Presentations III – Life style and body composition as risk factors throughout the life
Chairs: Giuseppina Imperatore & Frédéric Dadoun

OP7 Gregers S Andersen
Body mass index growth in early life and cardiometabolic markers and body composition at 5 years of age - a latent class trajectory analysis

OP8 Clemens Wittenbecher
Short stature, components of height and incidence of type 2 diabetes - mediating effects of cardiometabolic risk factors

OP9 Renée de Mutsert
Visceral fat and liver fat in relation to type 2 diabetes incidence

OP10 Rebecka Hjort
Physical activity and genetic susceptibility in relation to the risk of latent autoimmune diabetes in adults and type 2 diabetes

OP11 Hanan Amadid
Associations between weekly patterns of physical activity and incidence of cardiovascular disease: a latent class trajectory modelling of the addition - pro cohort

OP12 Jaakko Tuomilehto
Serum insulin and cognitive performance in older adults: a longitudinal study

11.20 -11.35

Healthy Coffee Break

11.35 - 12.25

Poster Session II - Diabetes prevalence, quality of life, ageing
Chair: Gloria Aguayo

PP9 Fuentes Sonsoles
Trends on prevalence and incidence of diabetes in france: a nationwide study

PP10 Gulseth Hanne
Changes in bone quality after bariatric surgery: a prospective clinical cohort study in subjects with and without type 2 diabetes

PP11 Tina Costacou
Physical and mental health functioning in type 1 diabetes

PP12 Femke Rutters
The prevalence and metabolic consequences of insomnia in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysis

PP13 Clara Piffaretti
Prediabetes and undiagnosed diabetes prevalence in two french nationwide studies: esteban, constances

PP14 Natalia Bustamante-Ara
Diabetes associated to frailty in agricultural population, mauco cohort, 2015-2017, chile

PP15 Crispin Gishoma
Home disposal of used syringes and needles by diabetic patients registered at rwanda diabetes

PP16 Anna Schritz
Spatial distribution of diabetes and obesity in chile: a cross-sectional analysis using a bayesian approach

12.25 - 13.30


13.30 - 14.15

Plenary Session III - Assessing treatments for diabetes. Has the randomised clinical trial outlived its usefulness?
Speaker: Stephen Senn, Luxembourg
Chairs: Carine de Beaufort & Beverley Balkau

14.15 - 15.00

Oral Presentations IV – Biomarkers in diabetes epidemiology
Chairs: Sarah Wild & Femke Rutters

OP13 Ina Danquah
Limitations using beta-cell autoantibodies as markers of autoimmune diabetes among adult ghanaians

OP14 Barbara Thorand
Novel risk markers for the prediction of diabetes in the monica/kora studies

OP15 Cornelia Huth
Biomarker-defined pathways for incident T2D and CHD - a comparison in Monica/Kora

15.00 - 15.20

Healthy Coffee Break

15.20 - 16.30

Poster Session III – Diabetes predictors and biomarkers
Chair: Guy Fagherazzi

PP17 Nicolai A Lund-Blix
Maternal and child gluten intake and risk of type 1 diabetes: the norwegian mother and child cohort study

PP18 Femke Rutters
The association between GAD65 antibody levels and incident type 2 diabetes in the general adult population: a systematic review and meta-analysis

PP19 Jana Nano
Novel inflammatory markers, kidney function and disease: results from the kora F4/FF4 cohort

PP20 Joline WJ Beulens
Performance of existing risk assessment models for prevalent or undiagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus in a multi-ethnic population

PP21 Maria Tvermosegaard
Do carriers of the common diabetogenic tbc1d4 variant have increased risk of cardiovascular disease among inuit in greenland?

PP22 Bjørn O. Åsvold
Findrisc as a prediction tool for diabetes in a contemporary norwegian population. A 10-year follow-up of the hunt study

PP23 Rachel G. Miller
Characteristics of islet autoantibody positivity in long-duration type 1 diabetes (T1D)

PP24 Åsne Bakke
Factors related to the achievement of HBA1C, blood pressure, and LDL-cholesterol targets

PP25 Lars C. Stene
Cord blood metabolites and risk of type 1 diabetes in childhood

PP26 Marie Villumsen
TNF-alpha inhibitors and risk of type 2 diabetes in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

PP27 Lenette Knudsen
Antioxiants, vitamins and cardiometabolic risk markers in a very remote aboriginal
population in australia

PP28 Nathalie Bille
Level of HBA1C and the development of diabetes complications in individuals with type 1 diabetes in rwanda

16:30 - 19:00

Social activity

19:00 - 23:00

Grill buffet


3rd day - Monday 13 May 2019

07.30 - 08.00

Mindfulness Walk
Clear your mind during this relaxing stroll through the Mondorf park

09.00 - 09.45

Plenary Session IV- The importance of psychosocial context in type 2 diabetes, results based on The Maastricht Study
Speaker: Miranda Schram, University of Mastricht, The Netherlands
Chairs: Sarah Wild & Francis Finucane

09.45 - 09.50

Exercise break

09.50 - 11.20

Oral Presentations V – Interrelation between diabetes and other chronic diseases
Chairs: Jill Norris & Barbara Thorand

OP16 Regina Prigge
The association between diabetes and/or depression and all-cause and cause-specific mortality

OP17 Kelly Fleetwood
The impact of major mental illness on quality of care in people with type 2 diabetes in scotland

OP18 Signe T. Andersen
Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy associates with all-cause mortality

OP19 Guy Fagherazzi
Interrelationships between migraine and type 2 diabetes in women: findings from the e3n cohort study

OP20 Amber A van der Heijden
Retinopathy prediction models in type 2 diabetes. Systematic review and external validation study

OP21 Stine Byberg
Evaluating a screening algorithm for diabetic retinopathy and the effect of HBA1C

11.20 - 11.35

Healthy Coffee Break

11.35 - 12.35

Poster Session IV – Sociodemographic and behavioural determinants of diabetes
Chair: Adam Hulman

PP29 Sofia Carlsson
Type 2 diabetes and occupation; professional drivers, manufactural workers and cleaners are at high risk; evidence from all swedish employees 2006-2015

PP30 Kasper Olesen
Does health literacy predict trajectories of cardiometabolic markers in people with diabetes?

PP31 Paz LD. Ruiz
Risk of death in people with and without type 2 diabetes by educational level: a nationwide population based cohort study in norway 2009-2013

PP32 Gertraud Maskarinec
Body fat distribution, glucose metabolism, and diabetes status in the multiethnic cohort

PP33 Francis M. Finucane
Association between adiposity and total daily insulin requirements in young patients with type 1 diabetes: a prospective cohort study

PP34 Joline WJ Beulens
Spatial accessibility of food retailers, dietary patterns and type 2 diabetes incidence

PP35 Joline WJ Beulens
Postprandial glucose in dietary interventions and the effect on diabetes-related risk factors

PP36 Laurent Malisoux
Association between objectively measured physical activity and diabetes: data from ORISCAV-LUX2 study

PP37 Christina S. Mogensen
Associations of eating duration with daily energy intake and body fat percentage in adults with prediabetes

PP38 Louise Hayes
Type 1 diabetes in childhood and population mixing in northern england

PP39 Hanen Samouda
Visceral adiposity and oxidative stress. Ospel: overweight-obesity in paediatric population in luxembourg

12.35 - 13.40


13.40 - 15.10

Oral Presentations VI – Risk of diabetes and its complications
Chairs: Stavros Liatis & Daniel Witte

OP22 Lasse Bjerg
Effect of complication duration on mortality in type 1 diabetes: a nationwide cohort study

OP23 Kristine H. Allin
Inflammatory bowel disease and risk of type 2 diabetes: a nationwide danish cohort study 1977-2014

OP24 Franziska Jannasch
Exploratory dietary patterns and type 2 diabetes risk in european populations

OP25 Omar Silverman-Retana
Familial age at diabetes diagnosis and the risk of diabetes in denmark

OP26 Ruaraidh Campbell
Area-based socioeconomic status and all-cause mortality in people with type 1 diabetes in scotland

OP27 Jean Strelitz
Moderate weight loss following diabetes diagnosis and 10-year incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality

15.10 - 16.00

Poster Session V - Environment, comorbidities and diabetes treatment
Chair: Francis Finucane

PP40 Francesco Zaccardi
β-Blockers selectivity, cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in people with hypoglycaemia: observational study

PP41 Gabriela G. Carrillo Balam
Factors associated with glucose-lowering medication discontinuation in people with type 2 diabetes in scotland

PP42 Yogini V. Chudasama
Leisure-time exercises and gains in life expectancy after cardiometabolic multimorbidity and mental ill health

PP43 Patrick O'Connor
Epidemiology of total and reversible cardiovascular risk in adults with diabetes

PP44 Tishya Venkatraman
Cardiovascular disease and mortality among breast cancer patients with diabetes - a retrospective cohort study based in scotland

PP45 Valéry Bocquet
Comorbidities in individuals with diabetes and depressive symptoms: results from EHES-LUX

PP46 Else H. Ibfelt
Influence of improved metabolic control on cardiocvascular risk in children with type 1 diabetes

PP47 Maria Ruiz-Castell
Visceral adiposity and cardiometabolic health in luxembourg. Findings from the ehes-lux

PP48 Valentino Cherubini
Specific training to school personnel is associated to a better management of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes at school

PP49 Tatjana T Makovski
Quality of life among older adults living with diabetes in europe: findings from the share database

16.00 - 16.20

Healthy Coffee Break

16.20 - 16.30

Luxembourg National Research Fund opportunities
Speaker: Sean Sapcariu

16.30 - 18.00

Oral Presentations VII - Metabolism and nutrition
Chairs: Barbara Thorand & Fumiaki Imamura

OP28 Simon Griffin
The effect of referral to an open-group commercial weight management programme on the risk of non-diabetic hyperglycaemia and type 2 diabetes

OP29 Adam Hulman
The role of continuous glucose monitoring and the oral glucose tolerance test in exploring the heterogeneity of type 2 diabetes

OP30 Randi K. Johnson
Metabolomics-related nutrient intake and risk of progression to type 1 diabetes

OP31 Kim K. B. Clemmensen
Duration of overnight fast and gip response to oral glucose: the addition-pro study

OP32 Anita Jeyam
C-peptide persistence in T1DM: association with hypoglycaemia and diabetic ketoacidosis risk

OP33 Roderick Slieker
Glucose visit-to-visit variability is associated with increased complication and mortality risk

18.00 - 19.00

Leisure Time
Guided visit of Mondorf park garden house


Gala Dinner and Prizes for Best Oral and Poster Presentations


4th day - Tuesday 14 May 2019

Check out time is 11:00 a.m.